Robot Vacuum Cleaner Theology

robotic_vacuum_cleanerI’ve always been intrigued by robotic vacuum cleaners. Those small round devices, the size of a stack of six dinner plates, can be programmed to buzz back and forth all over your floor, vacuuming or sweeping it. What’s really amazing about those robotic vacuum cleaners is that when their electrical charge is low, they make their way back to their plugged-in dock, dock themselves, and recharge!

If a vacuum cleaner knows enough to stop and get recharged, why don’t we? We can’t keep giving and giving, living and living, without the real us — our souls — being recharged.

We need solitude for our souls, setting aside some time — every day is ideal — to stop and allow our souls to be recharged. There are two practices that can help us restore our souls; listening to God and speaking to God.

The best way to listen to God is to hear what He’s already said, what’s been written down in the Bible, what’s often called God’s Word. I read a few verses almost every day and essentially ask, “Lord, what am I supposed to get out of this?”

Speaking to God is praying. I just talk to Him, about my day, my needs, my hopes and my fears, and the needs of others. I ask for forgiveness too, which He readily gives. I thank Him for the good things He’s done for me and others. I also try to remember to move from thanking Him for what He’s done and on to praising Him for who He is.

I think about the amazing robotic vacuum cleaner and how when it’s depleted it goes back to dock and recharge. Our need to be alone with God and have our souls tended to isn’t rocket science, but it is robotic vacuum cleaner science!

Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; for my hope comes from him.” (Psalm 62:5)


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