Catching the Wind of God’s Spirit

windturbinesSmallIn southwestern Minnesota there’s a line of rolling hills called Buffalo Ridge, home to hundreds of wind turbines. Described as “giant albino pinwheels” by Mary Hoff on the Minnesota’s National Department of Natural Resources, they tower 250 feet high. Each produces enough electrical energy to provide the needs of 250 homes.

I’ve photographed them a number of times, always amazed at their size and the slow but steady turning of their blades that produces a loud swishing sound when you stand beneath them. I’ve also watched as a still windmill’s blades begin to slowly turn in the wind to join the other windmills with blades already rotating. Apparently someone somewhere has given the command to pitch the blades so they catch the wind from their previous angle that allowed the wind to blow by.

I see in these wind turbines a metaphor for faith in God. The Bible refers to God as spirit. In fact, the Holy Spirit (the third “person” in the triune Godhead) is referred to as wind or breath. The entire Bible makes it clear that our relationship with God is contingent on our cooperating with Him. Because He wants a relationship He does not impose Himself upon us or intrude in our lives. This means we have a choice of how we position ourselves in relationship to God.

We can live…

… believing He does not exist…

… believing He does exist but acting as if He doesn’t…

… believing He exists but determined to live our own way anyway…

… believing He exists and wanting to be in a personal and cooperative relationship with Him.

The choice is ours as to how we position ourselves with God.

There’s always wind blowing on this earth; that’s why, for centuries, people have built windmills, and now wind turbines, to capture the wind as an energy source. God’s Spirit is always “blowing” as well. We can capture His presence and power by positioning ourselves in faith to be open to Him. This means living each day with the belief He is nearer to us than the air we breathe (His “breath” closer to us than our own breath). This means believing in Him enough to trust Him with ourselves, willing to yield to His will and way for us each and every day. The blades of a wind turbine are set to catch the wind. We have the wonderful possibility of setting ourselves to catch the blowing of His Spirit!

“For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.”  (Romans 8:6 ESV)


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