Our Great Physician and The Prescription of Himself

PillsDiann and I led a mission trip to Refuge Ranch in Mexico where our daughter, her husband and seventeen children live. Part of their mission is to reach out to poor areas of Mexico with medical help and the message of Jesus Christ. On these evangelistic medical mission trips the volunteer doctors and nurses dispense many medicines. Thankfully, they have a lot of medications donated to help with this work. One of the projects several members of our mission team worked on was sorting through thousands of packages of medicine and discarding those which were seriously outdated (on the mission field slightly outdated medicine is still good medicine).

I saw the many discarded medicines as an opportunity to collect samples of each and photograph them, illustrating the tremendous number of medications we have available to us. On the flight home an application of this photo for our spiritual life occurred to me.

We live in a fallen, broken, hurting, and sinful world and we are fallen, broken, hurting and sinful people. It’s a sick world and we are sick people! Fortunately, when we turn our lives over to God through His Son Jesus, the Great Physician, we find healing and life so vital that we can live forever.

However, we need on-going treatment from our Great Physician God. Just as there are many varieties of medicines to address our various physical ailments so God comes to us as our Great Physician prescribing Himself as the cure for what ails us spiritually. God has many attributes (or qualities or characteristics). Though we need all that God is there are times when one or more of God’s attributes seem to address our specific need best. The list of God’s attributes include His love, grace, mercy, eternalness, omnipresence (all places present), omnipotence (all powerful), omniscience (all knowing), wrath, glory, holiness, justice, patience, imminence (nearness), immutability (never changing) incomprehensibility, and on and on the list goes.

What attribute of God means the most to you at this time? What do you cling to or need to focus on when it comes to God that helps Him be real to you at your current point of need? What attribute might you and I need to focus on to put our lives in better spiritual balance? (This might be more of a bitter pill to swallow!)

We have many medications to address our many ailments. What aspect of God’s nature is the prescription for your current need?

“Jesus said to them, ‘It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.’” (Mark 2:17)


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