Delightful Discoveries

MexicanWheelCreativeSmallI was soccer grandpa, taking my grandchildren to soccer practice. Sounds like a normal suburban scenario, right? Not quite. This recently happened while we were in Mexico, visiting our daughter and her family. My daughter Julie trusted me enough to take the boys to soccer practice in the nearby town of Ozumba. They practice on the property of the soccer coach. I thought the practice field along the road was the extent of where they played, but then the coach took them out back, behind her house, where there was another house, and this old broken down wagon.

Wow! I thought. What a picture! My photographer’s heart began to race. What a classic Mexican scene! You can almost picture a bad hombre stepping out of the house, spitting out his tobacco, giving a yellow-teethed grin, pulling his revolver and shooting this photographer who was shooting his house. OK, I’m letting my imagination go wild, but can’t you picture it too? It looks like a set right out of an old spaghetti western! I ran the image through a filter in a photo program to give it more of an antique, old world look.

The discovery of something can be such a delightful experience, as was this classic scene for me in Mexico. Children live in a perpetual discovery zone and are easily delighted. Unfortunately we let ourselves grow out of this child-like way of living. We can be bored when in view of the beautiful, miss the miraculous, be ho hum in the face of the holy, and distracted from seeing the delightful. May God extend us His grace for taking this amazing gift of life for granted!

Best selling author Randy Alcorn writes of his relationship with God, that, “when I go anywhere I ask Him for direction, seek to surrender each day to Him, and ask Him to bring into my life those divine appointments that make life so interesting.” (Seeing the Unseen, e-book, loc 532)

The next time we catch just the smallest glimpse of something glorious out of our peripheral vision how about if we turn and give it our full attention, allowing ourselves to be transfixed like a child crouching to watch an earthworm on the sidewalk after a rain? There are wonders to behold around almost every corner. Life’s a gift from the good Lord. It’s time we stop being underwhelmed. God delights in seeing us delighted!

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.” (Proverbs 25:2)


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