The Adventure of Building a House in Mexico Begins!

logoJournal entry for Wednesday, January 21:

Cirino is the hired man at Refuge Ranch and does much of the construction – he’s a mason by trade. However, there are two building projects going on. The main new house for the Zaragoza family is ready for some prep and pouring of the foundation and we’re ready to begin construction on our home on the ranch. Cirino suggested a construction worker from his church. Victor and Julie asked him to be here by 7 am, figuring he would show up by 7:30, in the traditional Mexican fashion of viewing schedules as general guidelines and not necessarily to be adhered to in a legalistic way. Surprise! Marco showed up at 7 am, prompt!

MarcosCrioppedMarco is average in height, as Mexican men go, and muscular in an understated way. He wears dark rimmed glasses and is quiet and almost timid in nature, but confident enough to give his expert input.  I like him.

I had created a drawing of the house and shared it with Marco, as best as I could with the language barrier. This will be interesting – building a home in a foreign country where I don’t speak the same language as the builder, using the metric system to measure everything, with all wages and materials having the peso as the means of exchange. Add to this the fact that I’m not a construction expert. Other than these few details, building a house here seems fairly doable!

Marco will be back at the ranch in the morning. He, Victor, and I will head to Cautla where there’s a Home Depot store. The adventure of building a house in Mexico begins!

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