Second Journal Entry — Building the House in Mexico

logoJournal entry for Thursday, January 22:

Marco arrived back at the ranch with his own rough drawing of the floor plan and a list of material for us to purchase at the Home Depot in Cautla. My son-in-law Victor drove, I rode shotgun with Marco in the back seat.

Because so much construction goes on at Refuge Ranch Victor is considered a contractor and gets some discounts.  He has entry to the collection of desks where contractors sit down with the Home Depot folks and spend their large sums of money. This is where we found ourselves, at the desk of a polite young woman named Gaby who was patient, thorough, and was both quick of mind and quick with a smile.

It took a while to enter the large order into the computer. We ran into a glitch with paying for it with my debit card; the amount was over our limit. I paid for what I could and said we’d be back tomorrow to pay for the remainder. This would delay delivery of the materials.

Life rarely happens on our schedule. This is disconcerting until I affirm that God is not only aware of what is going to happen, He knows what is not going to happen, or what will be delayed in happening and is in ultimate control of it all. He is, after all, sovereign. I want to affirm to God as the psalmist did, “For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth. (Psalm 71:5)

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