Dented Words of Deep Trust

WaterTowerSmallIn God We Trust” are the words that loomed high above the small town of Chandler, Minnesota, on the town’s water tower. Then the tornado hit the town on June 16, 1992, destroying many houses and other property. Something the tornado slung through the air, something really big, perhaps something like a tractor, put a big dent in the tank of the water tower, right where the words “In God We Trust” were painted. The town replaced the water tower with a new one. The old tank with the dented words “In God We Trust” was given a place of honor, now at ground level, near the new tower, as a constant reminder to the townspeople that their trust should be in God.

The principle may sometimes get dented by the difficulties we face in life, but it can and should remain undeniably true for us; “In God We Trust.” To trust in God is not something we will come by naturally when life gets tough. It takes a decision and determination to make it a truth that’s lived out. In fact, trust only comes to life and is real when the natural inclination is to doubt and fear. Our trust in God is not manifested nearly as clearly in times of blessing as it is in times of difficulty.

I suspect that the words “In God We Trust” meant a lot more to the people of Chandler, Minnesota, after the dent was put in the middle of those words on their water tower than it did before the tornado hit. Trust in God is little more than a statement of faith when affirmed in good times; it’s an act of faith when affirmed in bad times!

Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge (Psalm 62:8)


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