Listening to Corn Grow

CornGrowingSmallDid you know you can hear corn grow? Take it from this Iowa farm boy, it’s true. The conditions have to be just right. Corn grows best in hot and humid weather. If you’ve had such a day that prompts accelerated growth and there’s no wind, just a stillness in the air, you might hear the corn grow. The new leaves unfurl from the center stalk. As a leaf grows out it may meet a little resistance. Then the urge to grow overcomes the resistance and the leaf creaks or squeaks as it jerks upward an imperceptible fraction of an inch. It’s not a loud sound – you have to be listening carefully to hear it.

I know what you’re thinking…so that was my entertainment while growing up on the farm? Actually we participated in other equally exciting activities, such as watching bread dough rise. Seriously, I bet you’d be willing to walk a few feet into a corn field and get quiet for just a few moments in order to hear the corn grow. You don’t get to hear plants grow too often!

Listening to corn grow is a reminder that some things in life can’t be appreciated unless we still ourselves and focus on what’s near at hand. We can easily allow the noise and busyness around us and within us drown out and distract us from experiencing what God has for us. We can miss everything from God’s beauty around us to God’s instructions for us.

God rarely shouts, but more often whispers. We prefer that He’d speak up, but He asks us to listen up! What will you hear God whisper today? Shhhh!

“Be still and know that I am God…” (Psalm 46:10)


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