Skywriting for the Soul

SkyWritingSmallThe small plane changed directions frequently in the bright blue sky. The pilot was a writer, his plane was his pen, and the sky his paper. Most likely the skywriter had been hired by someone who wanted a message dear to his heart spread across the firmament for all to see. “JESUS 4GIVES” was the message and it’s a key part of the good news we can hear from God.

Good news” is what the word “gospel” means. This good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ is that this is a broken, sinful world and God did something about it. He came to us as one of us, in Jesus (that’s what Christmas is all about). His main purpose in coming was not to be a great example of humanity or a great religious teacher, though He was both. His primary purpose in being born among us was to die for us, to pay the price and penalty for our sin by His death on a cross.

That’s the best news we can hear, that God loves us in spite of the sinful specimen of the human race that each of us is. He took the initiative and did something about that!

I photographed the skywriter’s message before he finished, because the first letters of “JESUS” were starting to blur with the upper winds. His full message read, “JESUS 4GIVES… ASK.”

That last word is important. Some wonder why God doesn’t automatically forgive/save everyone by a divine edict. The problem with such an act on God’s part is that it would remove our freedom. Love, in order to be love, must be voluntary on the part of both parties. Yes, God will forgive and reconcile us with Him, but we have to ask. He wants it; we have to want it too.

The message was written in the heavens that day, but it’s far better for it to be written in the heart. It was inscribed in the sky, but it’s far better for it to be inscribed in the soul.

“Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you.” (the Apostle Paul in a message he delivered in a synagogue as recorded in Acts 13:38)


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