Intersecting Lives

RailroadCrossngSmallI’ve always been amazed how railroad tracks can cross each other, how a train can be traveling on one set of tracks and cross another set of tracks without derailing. I checked it out and found that this configuration of two pairs of tracks crossing each other is called a diamond.

It all works just fine, as long as two trains on the two sets of tracks aren’t at the diamond at the same time; this would not be good! I read that trains sometimes slow down when approaching a diamond because there has to be small gaps in the tracks going both ways to allow the steel wheels of a train to cross the intersecting tracks. Go through the intersection too fast and the diamond takes a beating. Caution and a slowed speed are good at railroad diamonds.

Our lives are always intersecting with those of others. These folks have come from a different place than us and their future is going to be different from ours. The Good Lord has put us in close proximity to each other for some length of time, and part of our calling from Him is to keep from derailing God’s call for those folks, and God’s calling for us, too.

We can derail God’s plans, both for others and ourselves, when we insist people see things our way, do things our way, or conform to our time frame. Yes, there are times when part of our task is to give them our perspective, sometimes even advice, and occasionally even admonition, but probably not as often as we think. Sometimes we’re tempted to give someone a piece of our mind when we really don’t have it to spare! Contrary to what we may believe, it is not our personal responsibility to straighten everybody out.

When two trains are approaching the same diamond one needs to let the other pass. Sometimes when people cross our path and, even worse, when they “cross us,” it’s best to just let it pass.

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.” (Ephesians 4:2)


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