New Use for an Old Truck

TruckSmallI came across an old dump truck parked in the front lawn of a house in the small town of Leota, Minnesota. The windows are cracked. Much of the paint has been replaced with rust. The shape and style are from decades ago.

Its days of hauling dirt, sand, and rock are over. The old truck has been replaced by newer and bigger dump trucks. Now it has a new job as a unique “artsy” lawn ornament, a very BIG lawn ornament, its bed now a flower bed!

I would never have photographed the truck hauling rock 30 years ago, but now I had made the effort to walk around it on the front lawn, carefully photographing it from different angles. The truck may no longer be productive in the way we think dump trucks are to be used, but its new life as a lawn ornament makes it valuable in a different way.

The two different stages of the life of the dump truck speak to me of how God can use us in whatever stage of life we find ourselves. The danger is to determine our productivity by some narrow often misguided view provided by society, those around us, or even ourselves. God measures our productivity differently! As we move through the different stages of our lives we’ll find ourselves being called to various kinds of responsibilities, tasks, and opportunities. How we measure fruitfulness and productivity will also have to be adjusted. The bottom line is to have our heart set on carrying out the Lord’s plans and purposes for us, whatever that turns out to be.

God’s words to Samuel when he was told to anoint young David to be king rather than one of his older, seemingly more qualified, brothers: The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7)


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