Beyond a Hamster-Like Existence


photo credit: PINKE on Flickr

I had a pet hamster as a child. He was a nocturnal creature, meaning he had his days and nights turned around. However, he could be awakened in order for me to have some fun playing with him.

When he wasn’t sleeping he occupied his time stuffing the pockets in his mouth with food, which he hauled back to his nest to eat. Speaking of his nest, he’d spend considerable time tending to his nest, adding material I provided. He’d also run and run on his exercise wheel, going nowhere fast.

Even when he was awake during the day my pet hamster pretty well ignored me most of the time while I moved about my room or knelt by the cage watching him. Only when I’d rattle his cage, or open it, did he give me any attention.

As smart as we people are we can live a hamster-like existence. Think about it. We have an amazing God who not only created this vast cosmos but created us. More than that, He cares a whole lot for us. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the story of how He loves us so much that He came to earth as one of us with the primary purpose of dying on a cross so we sinful creatures could be made right with Him again. He has an eternal plan for those who take Him seriously, wanting to hang out with us forever. What a God!

But, like my pet hamster, we can go about our daily activities hardly mindful at all of His amazing reality and His astonishing love for us. We get up every morning, use the bathroom, drink our favorite morning beverage, turn on the TV, radio, or computer, maybe have some breakfast, and move on to the rest of our day. We go here and there and back again. We have places to go, people to see, and things to do. We run, run, run, often feeling we’re getting no place fast. We may claim to believe that God exists, but our day-to-day living reveals something different; we are practicing atheists, living as though God doesn’t exist.

Because God has gifted us with the ability to reflect about our own life we can decide to live more than a hamster-like existence! What we can discover is that life has real meaning when we determine to have this all encompassing, ever present, amazingly glorious, and extravagantly loving God uppermost in our minds. Life is the greatest when God has captured our heart, soul, and mind!

“Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’” (Matthew 22:37)


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