Ninth Journal Entry — Building Our Home in Mexico

logoWe’ve been living in our Florida home for the last four months, so it was exciting to move back to Mexico and see the progress on the house. We had hoped the house would have been completed and that we could have moved in. Not so!

Marco and his helpers have spent a large portion of their time the last three months reinforcing the foundation. The coming of the rainy season showed that the earth around the construction site was not stable enough and was starting to wash, threatening the integrity of the entire structure.

HouseMexicoFoundationMarco and his men dug and moved earth, adding more concrete to the foundation, all by hand. Now, finally, they are on to the next task of building the form for the main roof so that it can be poured. The east porch roof has already been completed.

This delay, though frustrating, was necessary. We wouldn’t have wanted Marco to ignore the serious issue just so he could stay on schedule. With some heavy rains we would have found our house teetering, and probably collapsing. Haste would have resulted in great waste!

It’s a lesson for living life as well as building a house; you have to take the extra time and effort to address issues that were not foreseen but that are serious and shouldn’t be ignored. There’s no way we can predict, plot, and plan for every situation.


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