Remembering to Be Thankful


(An article from my archives)

“What do you say?” We prompt the child when he’s given a gift. Being thankful seems to be something we have to learn. We don’t seem to come by it naturally, even as adults. Even when we’ve learned the importance of giving thanks we still forget to do it often enough. It’s important to give thanks to people who have impacted our lives in positive ways. How much more important, then, must it be to give thanks to God!

There have been times when I’ve asked God for something and it worked out OK but then I remember I didn’t really thank Him for that. I grumble about the things that don’t work out like I want but I forget about all the events of my day-to-day living that don’t go wrong but go right. There’s all the times I didn’t get in a car accident, the times I didn’t get sick. We can always find that for which to give God thanks

Oh, to break the habit of forgetting to be thankful! Steven Wright said, “Right now I’m having amnesia and dejavu at the same time. I think I’ve forgotten this before.”

Forget not all his benefits.” (Ps. 103:2)


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