The Light of Christmas, and All the Time

CandleRedIt’s amazing how much light one candle can give, lighting up an entire room, allowing you to see everything. Light and darkness are opposites and are always in conflict, but light always wins the day, and the night! Why? Because light dispels darkness, but darkness cannot do away with light. You can’t bring darkness into a room to snuff out light, but you can bring light into a room to do away with darkness: that’s the power light has.

It’s appropriate that Christmas time is a time filled with lights, because it’s the time we celebrate light coming into the world. We’re not talking about wave length type of light but the One who created light at the beginning of time, who Himself is light, God, and His Son who He sent into this world.

Why would God use light to describe Himself? I believe we can suggest several reasons, and I believe they’re all right.

Light brings life. Generally speaking, you need light to have life.

Light brings out the details, it exposes things as they really are. There’s much more to see in the light than in the dark. Light reveals truth.

Light brings joy. We talk about being in a dark mood or, the opposite, when things look brighter.

Light brings warmth. Dark is cold, light is warm. The sun rises and it warms the earth.

These are some of the ways light comes into our lives and makes life better. Christmas is about Jesus being a great and marvelous light who came into our world. He came bringing new life, truth, joy, and the warmth of God’s love.

May we all experience the true light of Christmas. Yes, light was born into our world!

“The true light that gives light to every person was coming into the world.(John 1:9)


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