God and the Special Speck of Dust Called Earth

SpaceUltraDeepFieldThe Hubble Space Telescope has allowed us to peer into the far reaches of the galaxy as has no other telescope. One of its most amazing images is called the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field. In this iconic photo what appear to be stars are actually galaxies, about 10,000 of them. Some are 13 billion light years away. Each galaxy contains billions of stars each. Yet, this image reveals only one fortieth millionth of the sky, according to Dr. Edward J. Weiler, former Chief Scientist for the Hubble Space Telescope. He states, “If you wanted a human analogy, go out on a clear night, get a standard sewing needle, hold it up at arm’s length and look at the hole in the sewing needle. That’s the size of the sky you’re seeing portrayed here.”

Dr. Weiler puts our physical presence in the universe in perspective. “We live on a small rock called the Earth, which orbits a routine star called the Sun. And the sun is one of hundreds of billions of stars in our galaxy. And, sorry, our galaxy isn’t really that special. It’s just one of hundreds of billions of galaxies.” *

Our recent celebration of Christmas should have reminded us that in spite of our seemingly inconsequential physical presence in the vast cosmos we humans are of supreme value to the Creator/Sustainer of it all! So important to Him are we that He came to us as one of us! Incredible as it seems, this great God, revealed as triune in nature through His interaction with us throughout human history, as recorded in the Biblical narrative, sent His Son, the second member of His triune personhood, to earth. The name given to Him is Jesus, but He’s also given many other names, including Immanuel, which means, God with us.

We are a visited planet, by none other than God Himself! The Son of God had been forever the Second Person in the triune Godhead, not in a human form but as spirit, for God is spirit. But Christmas celebrates the unimaginable truth that He forever changed His nature in the physical sense by taking on human form! Even now, Jesus, ascended back to heaven with a resurrected body is in a human physical form, not just as spirit, which He was for all of eternity before His incarnation as one of us. He forever changed His nature for us!

Yes, this little speck of obscure dust we call Earth that seems lost in this vast universe is near and dear to God, so much so that He came to us and became one of us, to rescue us, so that we might be part of His unfolding eternal plans! And, further, if He has so focused His loving attention on this speck of dust in such a vast universe then He certainly has no trouble giving His personal attention to each and every one of us, though we number in the billions.

Yes, the Creator/Sustainer God of the universe has come to our planet and entered into human history. What He also yearns to do is to enter the inner world of our own heart and be allowed to rule and reign over our own unfolding personal history!

‘The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel’ (which means ‘God with us’)”. (Matthew 1:23)

* information is from the Real Clear Science web site


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