Ten Tweets of Truth

twitter_logoTwitter is a social media networking service which only allows you 140 letters, characters, and spaces per tweet. For those of us who are wordy it can be difficult to encapsulate a thought in such a brief form. But, I’m taking on the challenge! Keying off from the fact that God gave Moses the Ten Commandments I’m going to attempt to summarize the truth of the Good News about Jesus (the Gospel) in ten tweets! Here goes….

Tweet 1
God is creator and sustainer, but He is more than a force – He is conscious and willful. How else can you explain our consciousness & will?

Tweet 2
We humans are able to consider the One who decided to create us. We, in turn, can decide how to respond to our Creator.

Tweet 3
We are created for relationship with each other, but we were also created to have a relationship with the One who created us.

Tweet 4
Throughout human history God has chosen to relate to us as individuals and even as nations. He is involved in the world He has made.

Tweet 5
The world, including each of us, has fallen into sin. God is perfect & holy resulting in the world and all of us being alienated from Him.

Tweet 6
The dilemma God faced: How could He satisfy His supreme demand for justice toward sin and still show us His infinite love?

Tweet 7
God chose to visit us by becoming one of us. He incarnated Himself in Jesus. More than a teacher & example, Jesus came to be our savior.

Tweet 8
We can’t make ourselves right with God, Jesus came to do that. He rescued us by dying on a cross to pay the price for our sin.

Tweet 9
We can’t earn His forgiveness and love, we must accept it as a gift. He won’t force Himself on us; to love Him is our choice.

Tweet 10
We are given the choice to spend eternity in a heavenly existence with Him or a hellish existence without Him. We decide in this life.

Most truth shouldn’t require a lot of words to explain. That’s why I took on the challenge of telling the message about Christ in ten tweets!


One response to “Ten Tweets of Truth

  1. Vicki Spencer April 15, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    Spot on in a few words.. Love them and you heart for God. You are always an uplifting word in my day! Thank you for continuing to share your heart and love for the Lord. You are appreciate by many. 🙏🏻👏💛

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