Our Greatest Thirst in Life

ThirstForLifeSmallWe live part of the time in rural Mexico to be near our daughter and her family. I usually take a daily walk and am amazed that the same fields which are plowed by horses later on have carefully installed drip irrigation systems. The water that runs through the irrigation drip tubes has to be trucked in, for there are no wells in this hilly country. These rustic farmers know that the only way their crops will get a good start is if they get adequate water while the dry season still holds on tenaciously.

We all learned early on in our education that water is essential for life. God’s given us the ability to feel thirsty, and when we do we need a drink of water to stay healthy. Remember a time when you were really, really thirsty? Nothing sounded better than being able to get your hands on a tall, frosty glass of ice cold water, right? Thirst is a good thing! It’s what prompts us to go in search of water, which we need if we’re to stay alive.

We have another kind of thirst that’s been built into us and that’s a thirst for God. Everyone has this thirst, but not everyone recognizes that it’s a thirst that can only be quenched by God. Even those of us who know that God is our ultimate thirst quencher sometimes forget this.

We humans are very creative at trying to satisfy this spiritual thirst in all kinds of other ways. Sometimes it’s bad things like drugs, alcohol, pornography, or promiscuous sex. But we can also try to substitute good things like food, work, possessions, and even family and friends. All of these efforts to satisfy our ultimate thirst is like a person lost at sea drinking sea water in an attempt to satisfy the agonizing thirst; it doesn’t work!

St. Augustine wrote in a prayer to God, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in You.” God is the source of our ultimate satisfaction. He’s put a thirst for Him within us, and to Him we must go to quench that thirst.

“My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?” (Psalm 42:2)


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