We All Have a Toy Wheelbarrow

WheelbarrowSmallWe live half of our time in Mexico to be near our missionary daughter and her family, about an hour’s drive south of Mexico City in a rural area. One aspect of rural Mexican culture is the prolific use of wheelbarrows. I can be walking a horse path out in the boonies and meet a guy pushing a wheelbarrow! They move all kinds of things in the wheelbarrows: rocks, firewood, food to sell in their roadside stands, LP gas canisters, and so much more. It’s not surprising, then, that in the local hardware stores wheelbarrows are on prominent display for sale.

Frequently there’s a child’s wheelbarrow for sale as well. Why a toy wheelbarrow? Because children love to play with what their parents work with. It’s also why, in the United States, we have toy lawnmowers, tools, and cooking utensils. When a child “works” alongside mom or dad there’s no additional work getting done, but both generations find it to be a satisfying arrangement anyway. When children get a bit older they start to really help, using the grown-up tools, and that’s good, but most of the work is still being done by mom and dad!

Our Heavenly Father invites us to participate in the work He wants done in this world. He has so designed things that our help is important, even crucial, but it’s good for us to remember that His part in it all is still, by far, the biggest part!

I find great comfort in this wonderful truth. I do my best to do my part, but it’s only a small part. The Lord helps me do it, and He takes over and adds to my child-like efforts.

As children of our Heavenly Father we all have a toy wheelbarrow. Our toy wheelbarrow prompts both a sense of responsibility that we have the Father’s work to do and a sense of relief that the Father helps us do it!

Jesus said to them, ‘My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.’” (John 5:17)


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