Message from the Missing Lawnmower Man

RestLawnMowerHatSmallIt was a perfect picture of a worker taking a break and resting from his work, even though he was nowhere to be found. The lawnmower was parked, silent, in the middle of the small lawn. Lawnmower man had left his hat resting on the handle of the mower. Wherever he was it was obvious he was taking a break from mowing.

The scene reminded me that, yes, rest is good! In fact, rest is a requirement if we’re to be healthy human beings and productive in our work. God Himself gives us the command to rest one day out of seven in His list of ten commandments.

Every twenty-four hours we’re also required to rest by going to sleep. This applies to everyone, no matter how busy we are or how important we think we are! Why, even the president of the United States has to climb into bed, put head on pillow, close the eyes and temporarily go unconscious in sleep.

Maybe rest is one way God reminds us that we aren’t so important, that He doesn’t need our help 24/7 to keep the world turning. Somehow the world goes on while we sleep or take a day off.

Resting not only restores us and helps us maintain a healthy perspective of ourselves but it also allows us to embrace elements of life we easily miss when we’re busy working. This is why God included the activity of worshiping Him during the weekly day of rest. There’s more to life than getting things done. Resting allows us to focus on being and not just doing.

Lawnmower man reminded me of an important life-principle, even though I never met him. Resting is an important part of living!

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” (Jesus to His disciples in Mark 6:31)

[ I reference the hat that lawnmower man left behind when he took a break but if you look closely you’ll see two other items he left behind. I didn’t notice these until after I took the picture, days later, when I was viewing it on the computer. It’s amazing what you can miss. Can you find and identify the two other objects besides the hat?]


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