A Fading Past, A Budding Future

rosesmallThe rose bush along the steps of our home had a fading blossom and also a budding blossom. The bush both represented a fading of what was past and a promise of what was to be, a dying and a birthing!

I’m at a stage of life (age 65 as I write this) when I’m acutely aware that we must leave to those younger than us a legacy that will help them live life to the full. No matter what our age, 16 and younger or 60 and older, there are those born after us to whom we can impart something that will help them as they follow us on this journey of life.

I had the privilege of helping the church I pastored for nearly 40 years transition to their new minister, Pastor Joe. He’s picking up where I left off, taking the baton and running the next leg of the race, building on the foundation I laid.

We’re all here on our journey on earth for just a few years. Our ancestors have traveled this road before us, and our descendents will travel it after us. We’re the connecting link between what has been and what will be. (Even if you have no children you still are leaving a legacy of one kind or another among those within your sphere of influence who are younger than you and look to you as an example.)

What has been handed down to us is a mixture of the good and bad, over this we have no control. What we can control is what from our past we decide to pass on to the next generation. We can, if we so choose, to leave the curses in the past and pass on the blessings of the past!

The rose bush with both the fading blossom and the promising bud is also a reminder to me that as I grow older there’s the bud of hope. I can, when in relationship with God, bloom again in His eternity!

“One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts.” (Psalm 145:4)


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