Measuring Life Rightly

tapemeassureI frequently use a tape measure, sometimes clipping it to my belt so it’s handy to grab. Clipping it to my belt also makes me feel more like a carpenter (which I am NOT). I’ve also learned the truth of an old adage the hard way, “Measure twice, cut once.” More than a few times I’ve measured wrong and had to scrap a piece of wood because I cut it too short.

The thing about a tape measure is that it gives a standard of measurement that never changes. I may miss-measure, cutting something too long or too short, but it’s not because an inch has changed into something longer or shorter. An inch is an inch, always. No one can tell someone else, “For me, an inch is longer (or shorter) than your measure of an inch.”

We have all kinds of standard ways to measure things. Cooks use measuring spoons and cups, doctors and nurses use thermometers, and truck drivers measure their workday in miles traveled. These are all means of measuring that have standards with which we can’t argue; they are what they are, irrefutable and unchangeable.

So, what about the most important subject in all of the world, in all of the cosmos, for that matter? How do we size up God? The socially acceptable response is that God is whatever you consider Him to be for you. If you really give it some thought this makes no more sense than to say an inch can be whatever length you conceive it to be. No, it is not!

God can’t be whatever we personally conceive Him to be, because then we have created God in our own image, which is not God at all. God can’t be all the different things all the religions and all the personal opinions claim Him to be; such views are often contradictory and mutually exclusive of each other. For instance, as a follower of Jesus Christ (a Christian), I believe that God has revealed Himself as triune in nature when Jesus came into the world – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This view of God believes that Jesus is God in the flesh. Other religions do not believe this (and they have as much right to their belief as I do to mine). Yes, we should all love and respect one another in spite of our differing views! True love and respect, however, does not demand that we have to accept as equally truthful the other person’s belief but that we still love and respect each other in spite of our different beliefs!

The fact is, God can’t be both triune and not triune in His nature. Jesus is either God come in human flesh or He is not. Life after death either is a heaven and hell, reincarnation, or no life at all beyond the grave; all three views can’t be right.

God is the way God is, and it behooves us to determine what that is. “Dear God, show me who You are,” would be a good prayer to pray.

“He who forms the mountains, who creates the wind, and who reveals his thoughts to mankind, who turns dawn to darkness, and treads on the heights of the earth — the Lord God Almighty is his name.” (The prophet Amos as recorded in the Bible in Amos 4:13)


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