Amazing Living Is Giving More Than Taking

I grew up on an Iowa farm. Now that I live in rural Mexico part of the year I have a real interest in the cornfields I pass on my daily walk. What I’ve noticed is that the local Mexican farmers usually remove every part of the corn plant from the field, not just the ears. The dried stalks are piled up and later hauled off to feed their animals. Growing up on our Iowa farm, I helped plow under the corn stalks, thus providing nutrients for next year’s crop.

I’m no agricultural expert, but I know enough to see the problem with taking everything the land produces but giving nothing back. The soil loses much of its precious nutrients and becomes less productive. There needs to be good stewardship of the land, because there is no more land to replace it.

In a way, life is like a field. Will we take more than we give or give more than we take? I’m sure we can think of a person or two who takes out of relationships more than they give. I’m sure we can also identify a person or two who gives more to their relationships than they take.

I’ve conducted over 300 funerals in my years as a pastor. Some funerals lamented a tragic life while other funerals celebrated a triumphant life. At the funerals which had more celebrating than lamenting it was often said of the person whose life was being remembered that they left the world a better place than they found it.

What a goal: to leave our little corner of the world a better place than we found it! By God’s grace we can be givers more than we are takers!

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Jesus, quoted in Acts 20:35)


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