The Hand in the Glove

I’ve been thinking about gloves and how different they are (this is what the mind does once you’re retired, reflecting on non-important to bizarre subjects). Humor me. Some gloves are designed to keep you warm and tend to be made of soft, fuzzy, insulating material. Then there’s work gloves. They’re made out of tough material, like leather, that’s resistant to wear and are designed to protect the hands. Gardening gloves let you dig in the dirt without getting your hands dirty. There’s rubber gloves that protect from the caustic nature of household chemicals when doing serious housecleaning. Then too, there’s vinyl or latex gloves used in medical procedures that protect the patient from infections.

Though gloves are made from different materials and serve a variety of purposes they all have one thing in common: they are limp and useless until a hand is slipped into the glove. The hand is what animates the glove; the hand is what brings talent to the glove. (You wouldn’t want my hands in surgeon’s gloves operating on you, you’d want a real surgeon’s hands!)

I see in the glove an analogy of how God wants to work with us. Much of what He wants to do in this world is to be done in partnership with us. When we’re willing to let Him dwell within us He animates us, helping us to do amazing things for Him. Like a hand in a glove, this is to be our relationship with Him.

Just as there’s a variety of gloves for different purposes, so God’s made us all different for the different purposes He wants to accomplish. We save ourselves a lot of grief, envy, and jealousy when we understand this.

When we let Him get His hands on us (or better yet, let Him slip inside our minds and hearts) we become who we were meant to be and are able to do what we were meant to do. Contemplating the hand of God working in this world is an awesome thought; realizing we are to be the glove to His hand is even more amazing!

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.” (1 Peter 5:6)


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