The Good Shepherd Is Near

I was taking my daily walk on the path I frequently use while living at Refuge Ranch in Mexico. It was the dry season, with little grass anywhere and most of the fields barren of any crops. Walking past a field I noticed a dozen or so sheep grazing on what little remained of last year’s crop.

It occurred to me that where there were sheep there would be a shepherd; with no fences to contain the sheep a shepherd had to be nearby. Sure enough, there, under the shade of a nearby tree, stood the shepherd watching over his flock. As I continued walking it occurred to me that there was an application in what I had just seen, but I had neglected to take a picture. My usual hiking route looped back this way so I was ready with my camera phone when I came alongside the field. The shepherd had moved out into the field making for an even better picture than when he was partially concealed under the tree, and that’s the photo that you see accompanying this photovotional.

The application? We may find ourselves in far from ideal circumstances. Within our field of vision all may appear barren of any significant blessings. Where is God? At such times He can seem so far, far away.

The Bible frequently refers to God’s people as sheep and to God as their shepherd, their Good Shepherd. Where there are sheep the shepherd is nearby – where God’s people are, the Good Shepherd is nearby! God wants to consider each one of us a precious sheep under His care. If we’re willing to let Him be our Good Shepherd, He will be, and He will always be near!

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” (Psalm 23:1)


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