“Is This all There Is?”

County fairs, state fairs, Disney Land, Disney World, Six Flags, Cedar Point and other adventure parks offer an escape from everyday reality. You would think that such places would offer an uninterrupted time of delight and excitement. Not so! The lines for the rides can be long, the weather hot, rainy or even cold, the food expensive, the kids get tired and cranky. At such times I’ve thought to myself, is this all there is?

My wife and I and our daughter and her family recently enjoyed ten days at a private Mexican ocean beach front property. Living in Mexico, we could drive and not have the expense of flying and the Christian owner gave us a huge discount, blessings from God for sure. In this paradise setting, however, we still had to deal with all the issues that go with a family of 16 children ranging in ages from an eight-year-old to adult children. Then, too, there were bugs and I came down with a flu bug. I wondered as I enjoyed this paradise setting, is this all there is?

I knew a couple who took a cruise for their honeymoon on which the new husband was sea sick most of the time. I suspect they both wondered at times, is this all there is? The reality is that nothing this side of heaven is perfect.

Could it be that our desire for perfection here on earth is really a God-given yearning, an instinct, for heaven? More and more, when I’m in a situation that isn’t ideal I try to let it be a reminder to me of the hope I have of enjoying God’s perfect heaven someday. The hope of heaven also helps me embrace and enjoy that which is good in a less than perfect situation.

Is this all there is? No! For those who seek after God most of all the best is yet to come!

“For I consider that our present sufferings cannot even be compared to the coming glory that will be revealed to us.” (Romans 8:18 NET version)


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