Cracks in the Wall

After an absence of several weeks we returned to our home in Florida to find several cracks in our walls. The house had settled! Jesus told a parable in which He referenced the dangers of building your house on sand, but in Florida you don’t have a choice.

Since buying the house a couple of years ago we’ve made some major improvements. It’s no mansion, but it’s comfy and cozy. We were quite pleased with our house, until the cracks appeared. Grrrrrrrr!

God wants us to learn and grow through all that happens to us in life, from the bad as well as from the good, so I’m trying to see some good that can come from the cracks; it’s not easy! I do have to admit, however, that the cracks have reminded me of something I’ve taught and preached for many years. When we’re deeply troubled or even angered by the “cracks” in anything or anyone it may be a good indication that we’re making a god out of that material object, situation, or relationship. We don’t like it when our “gods” have clay feet!

I debated writing about the cracks before we’ve found a solution; everyone likes a nice ending to a story. But then I realized everyone’s in the middle of some frustrating, difficult, fearful, or intimidating set of circumstances. I decided to share about the cracks before I have a happy ending to the story. We need to praise God for His peace, strength, and direction in the midst of our troubles and not wait until we have the cracks fixed before we do so.

The reality is that nothing is perfect this side of heaven. Nothing is ever what “it’s cracked up to be!” Only God is perfect. The cracks of life are a good reminder that nothing should be our god but God Himself!

We’ll call upon the experts to deal with our cracks and what’s causing them. The good news is that we can also call upon God to be with us, help us, direct us, and to see us through the cracks that show up in our lives.

God says in Psalm 50:15, Call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me.”


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