Pokemon and Faith

I recently played chauffeur to my ten-year-old grandson Casey and eight-year-old granddaughter Sienna as they played Pokemon Go. We searched out locations where they could do battle with Pokemons. Pokemons, for those who are uninformed, as I was until my chauffeuring gig with my grandchildren, are virtual creatures (meaning they only exist in the computer world). Players use their mobile devices and GPS to locate and fight these virtual creatures.

The grandchildren, sitting in the back seat of my vehicle, gazing at their tablet, gave me directions as to where to find the Pokemon with whom they wanted to do battle. I followed their bidding.

A heads up: if you see a small cluster of people, all staring at their mobile devices, standing out in a field, or in a parking lot, or in some other location where crowds do not usually gather, there’s probably a Pokemon nearby. This is what happened to us. My grandchildren and I were soon joined by five or six other people, complete strangers, who were doing battle with us against a Pokemon. What I discovered is that you can work with other players, and together you can better conquer the Pokemon.

I had never realized as I drove around town taking care of my “to do” list that there were Pokemons all around! The virtual Pokemon world that overlaps the real world is a good reminder for me of the spiritual world which is another dimension overlapping with our three dimensional world.

This spiritual world is also a realm in which we do battle, but far more serious than the Pokemon world, and with very real and eternal ramifications. In this unseen battle we can join forces with God, seeking to live for Him, to please Him, and to serve Him, or we can yield to “the other side” which is ruled by Satan. I know this can all seem a bit bizarre, until you remember that there are radio waves, sound waves, infrared waves, sub atomic particles and countless other invisible things that are a very real part of our world that we don’t experience with our five senses.

Yes, there’s more going on in our lives than what meets the eye! That’s why I find I need to regularly re-calibrate how I measure what is important in my life, determine I’m going to practice the presence of God in my daily living, and in many other ways seek to be in a personal and cooperative relationship with God.

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” (2 Corinthians 4:18)


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