A Stronger Faith

Imagine you’re in a public place and suddenly develop strong chest pains. Dropping to your knees, grasping your chest, you believe you’re having a heart attack.

Then imagine a person coming up to you, kneeling beside you and saying, “Let me help you.” What’s your level of confidence that this person can really help you? Probably not much. You don’t need the average person on the street helping you, you need medical attention! But then what if the person says, “I’m a doctor,” then adds, “a podiatrist.” Your confidence level momentarily goes up, but then drops; you don’t have foot issues! But what if the person says, “I’m a cardiologist.” Now your confidence level and your faith in this good Samaritan is way up there.

In this make believe scenario what increased your faith in the person offering help? Was it your own self-talk, “I gotta have more faith in this person who wants to help me, I gotta work at believing this person can really do some good for me”? Not at all. What increased your faith and confidence in this stranger offering help for your heart condition was the realization that this person was a heart specialist. The identity of the person is what inspired the confidence and faith.

An analogy like this helps me understand the only real way to increase faith, trust, and confidence in God working in my life. For me to say to myself in some kind of self-directed mantra, “I have to have more faith, I have to have more faith,” isn’t going to help in the least. No amount of grimacing, hand wringing, nail biting, or pounding of clenched fist is going to increase my faith in God.

What will increase my faith in God is seeking to have an ever increasing understanding of the kind of God He really is. Just as coming to understand that the stranger who seeks to help me with chest pains is a cardiac doctor increases my faith in the help offered, so a greater understanding of God is going to prompt a greater faith in Him. The goal is not a greater faith in God but a greater understanding of God and a closer walk with Him, then the greater faith in Him will come automatically!

“For your steadfast love is before my eyes, and I walk in your faithfulness.” (Psalm 26:3 ESV)


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