What’s Extra-ordinary about Ordinary Days

Billy said with a smile, “This is going to be an ordinary day!” Billy is a character in a new novel I’m writing. He’s a special needs young man, living with Downs syndrome. In my story Billy loves to see events unfold in a predictable way and frequently exclaims, “This is going to be an ordinary day!” Of course something happens in the novel that keeps a long series of days from being anything but ordinary.

In a novel it’s usually good to have something other than ordinary days; it makes for excitement, tension, and an engaging story. In real life, however, ordinary days can be good.

Ordinary days are underrated. We complain of boredom when we think a day is so ordinary. We should think again. I did when watching news reports of the horrific event of Hurricane Harvey devastating the Houston area and of Hurricane Irma decimating Puerto Rico. Tens of thousands of people faced the unrelenting daily struggle of recovery. What those folks wouldn’t have given for a string of ordinary days instead of what they had to deal with!

On a personal note my wife and I “dodged a bullet” as did many others in our area of Florida when Irma came through with far less force than, sadly, the hurricane did in other areas. Our home and that of our son and his family were spared. It could have turned out so differently with the days following the hurricane being far from ordinary.

Within days of Hurricane Irma Diann and I experienced a 7.1 magnitude earthquake the epicenter being no more than 40 miles from our home in Mexico. The earth rolled and shook so severely we could hardly stand up. In addition to significant loss of life, much damage was done to homes, businesses, churches, and roads. Thankfully our home, and that of our daughter and her family, were spared any damage. The days following the earthquake could have been far from ordinary.

Ordinary days are good. God must like ordinary days for, on average, He gives most of us a lot of them! We would do well to see them less as boring and more as a blessing.  Here’s hoping you have an ordinary day!

“From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.” (Psalm 113:3)


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