The Spider and Electricity

I was using my electric drill and table saw in my small workshop next to our house here in Mexico and noticed that neither was operating at full power; I don’t think the saw could have cut Styrofoam. Checking the house’s electricity I found the same low voltage issue; the lights were dim and there wasn’t enough current to run the refrigerator.

What was the problem? I decided to open the main electrical box and have a look. Those of you who know me are thinking this cannot turn out well! In this case you are wrong! I crawled under the porch where the electrical box is located and carefully opened it. Inside the box was a dead spider and the web it had been weaving before its shocking death.

The only good position for me to open the box and get a good look inside was to be in a sitting position, on some rocks. Realizing I was about as well grounded as a person can be, sitting on rocks like I was, I knew I had to be extra careful in the removal of the spider and its web!

I pulled the lever down, disconnecting all three main fuses and their circuits from the incoming electrical feed. Is this getting too technical for you? I then used a whisk broom and carefully brushed out the corpse of the spider and its web.

I pushed the lever back up, closed the box, and went to check on the power. The house lights burned brightly, the refrigerator ran, and, checking things out in my shop, I found that the drill and saw hummed at full power. A tiny spider and/or its flimsy web had cut the power to my house and workshop at least in half!

Having spent a lifetime discovering spiritual principles illustrated in everyday events, I had no problem finding an application in this electrical mystery I had solved. Here it is: we can limit God’s great power flowing into our lives by allowing so-called “little sins” to go unnoticed and unaddressed.

The reality is that there really are no “little sins” because doing anything that’s outside God’s holy and perfect will causes serious alienation between us and Him and is a big deal. We distance ourselves from God, including from His power, when we choose to act in ways other than His will for us.

It’s good to always be on guard for the “little” spiders of sin and the webs of trouble they weave. Our lives will be brighter and we’ll live with greater power.

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” (Ephesians 6:10)


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