Helping God Create

There’s a profusion of wild marigolds during the fall here in Mexico where we live part of the year. Why all the marigolds, I wondered. So, I did some research and discovered that all marigolds everywhere originated in Mexico and South America!

The Aztec people considered the marigold to have magical powers and developed different varieties. The Spaniards took marigold seed back to Spain and developed other varieties, as did others as the marigold spread throughout Europe.

When I observe the humble wild marigold along the paths I walk here in Mexico I marvel at how, over the centuries, people have bred and developed so many varieties in different sizes and shades of color. Of course we humans have developed amazing variations of incalculable numbers of plants and animals. We now have an astonishing variety of dogs, cats, cattle, tulips, chickens, corn, and I’m going to stop because the list is nearly endless.

I’m reminded of how God instructed the first humans, Adam and Eve to tend the Garden of Eden. Presumably the garden was perfect, until Adam and Eve sinned. Yet, they were told to tend the garden. What did that mean? I suspect it meant transplanting plants to different spots to create a beautiful scene. I also suspect it might have included the cross breeding of plants and animals. Maybe there were no pink flowers in the Garden of Eden until Adam and Eve cross pollinated a red flower with a white flower! Okay, I’m telling you more than I know; it’s pure conjecture on my part. But, nevertheless, though the Garden of Eden was perfect there was apparently still room for improvement, God inviting Adam and Eve to join Him in the creative process by tending the garden! Since Adam and Eve we humans have delighted in taking what God has made and making it into something slightly different.

Yes, God has made us to be creative and it goes way beyond developing new varieties of plants and animals. We humans also delight in creating paintings, sculptures, cakes, stories, furniture, music, cars, movies and, again, the list is nearly endless. Most important on the list is that we are capable of creating relationships, both with people and with God.

With this creative ability, however, comes much responsibility. We can create something for good or something for evil. God’s given, along with the gift of creativity, the power of choice.

Each day provides us with many opportunities to be creative, a little bit like God Himself. What will we do with what we are given? It’s our choice.

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” (Genesis 2:15)


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