Patience and Perseverace

This past Christmas I was curious; just how old was the Christmas tree we cut? I had to trim off a few inches from the bottom of the tree once we got it home so it would fit properly in the house. This gave me an opportunity to easily count the growth rings; there were approximately ten. The Christmas tree farmer had to plant this particular tree ten years ago to be able to sell it to us this past Christmas. That’s planning ahead! There are a lot of different kinds of farmers who raise a variety of plants and animals, but a Christmas tree farmer has to wait longer than most for his crop to be ready to sell.

I was going to simply apply the label of patient to the Christmas tree farmer but decided to also add the label persevering. The farmer doesn’t just sit around patiently waiting years for his trees to grow to marketable size. The farmer also has to be persevering, actively tending to the trees in different ways, including pruning and shaping them so they look like Christmas trees. The Christmas tree farmer has to be patiently persevering!

The example of the Christmas tree farmer reminded me that patience and perseverance are twin qualities worth exhibiting, even if you’re not growing Christmas trees. Think of the alternative; few results of any value come our way if we are impatient and unwilling to persevere by putting forth some effort. The fable of the two frogs who fell into a bucket of cream illustrates the point.

Two frogs fell into a bucket of cream. They thrashed about but couldn’t get out. The one frog said it was useless to keep trying, gave up, and drowned. The other frog kept on thrashing about until eventually the cream turned into butter and he jumped out!

It’s not just Christmas tree farmers and frogs in a bucket of cream who need to be patiently persevering. God’s plan for all of us in carrying out His great and grand purposes is to be patiently persevering!

“You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.” Hebrews 10:36


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