What a Little Bird Revealed To Me

It was a sunny warm morning as I paused on my walk to sit on a rock to rest. The farmland on both sides of the path was parched for it was the dry season in Mexico. But there in the middle of the brown grasses, weeds, and corn stalks was a bright spot of red capping the head of an otherwise brown bird. If it were not for the red cap on his head the otherwise drab looking bird would have blended in perfectly with the equally drab looking landscape, and would have remained unseen by me, drabness camouflaged in drabness.

I’m sure the bird had no idea he was adding a splash of color to a brown world; he couldn’t see the red feathers his genetics had put upon his head. Even if he were to glance in a mirror his birdbrain would not be able to reflect on how he added color and beauty wherever he perched. Then I heard the song of another nearby bird, adding beautiful audio to the already beautiful visual scene. Again, I reflected, the singing bird was protecting its territory or attempting to attract a mate, motivated by instinct, and likely not at all aware of the beautiful melody of its song.

God’s creatures express amazing and beautiful characteristics, but they do so unknowingly. We humans, on the other hand, also creatures of God’s making, are different! We can bring beauty and good to the world and glory to God, and we do so by choice! For us, this does not happen instinctively, at least not most of the time. In fact, being born with a fallen and sinful nature, we instinctively act selfishly and in wrong ways more often than we would care to admit!

Yes, we have the God-given ability to choose to do that which is good and beautiful! There is drabness all around and a drought of good, but you and I can be, by the grace of God, a bright spot in it all, going about doing good! That’s what a little bird with a red cap taught me!

“He went about doing good…” (The apostle Peter speaking of Jesus, Acts 10:38)


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