The Focus of Faith

Someone posted a black and white image on facebook that looks like an ink blot. Stare at it, though, for 30 seconds, then look up at the ceiling or at a plain wall and you see the face of Jesus! Okay, I know we don’t know what Jesus looked like, but the image represents a traditional portrayal of Him.

The ink blot, turned to image of Jesus, reminded me that what we fixate on often leaves a lasting impression. Such impressions can influence our thinking, speech, and behavior. Even when we’re not focusing on what habitually has our attention we can still be influenced by it.

We sometimes tell ourselves that what we look at or listen to, especially if it isn’t of a positive nature, doesn’t really have a significant negative impact on us. We lie to ourselves!

Every day we face numerous choices of input from television, radio, the internet, books, the movies, magazines, billboards, and other manifestations of mass media all around us. We can choose to continue receiving that input or turn it off or turn away from it. Obviously, this includes that which is immoral, but it can also include that which isn’t bad but isn’t the best for us to be focusing on. For instance, if I have no good reason to buy a new car, then I shouldn’t be looking at car ads or stopping by car showrooms; I’m wasting time and I’m tempting myself.

There are a lot of good things to focus on, but the ink blot turned to the image of Jesus is a good reminder of what I should seek to focus on most of all. I don’t need a specially designed ink blot to always keep God in the forefront of my thinking! Better than looking at a Jesus-like ink blot is to look at God’s beautiful creation, look at the inspiring good actions of others, look at God’s Word, and look at Him by consciously trying to think about Him very often, even several times an hour.

Looking at the ink blot that helps me see an image of Jesus is interesting. What’s really helpful, however, is to keep a faith fixated on Him at all times in all places and in every way!

“Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.” Psalm 119:37


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