God’s Perfect Timing

My wife Diann was looking at greeting cards in a store. She saw one that was funny, but also had an encouraging message. Nevertheless, she walked on to look at other things in the store. She couldn’t get the card of her mind, however, thinking it would be a good card to send to our daughter Julie who lives in Mexico. She went back and purchased the card and mailed it to Julie on June 27.

We know it takes next to forever to send mail from the U.S. to Mexico. You do NOT want to send time sensitive material, only time insensitive material! We wondered how long it would take to reach our daughter. Diann prayed that it would come on the right day for Julie. It did!

The mailman on the motorcycle delivered the card up the hill to Refuge Ranch. The person at the Ranch who met the mailman put the card on the kitchen table, and it was a few hours before Julie noticed it. She opened and read the card, then called her Mom. She said it was PERFECT timing, even the reading of it hours after its tardy delivery on that difficult day. The date? August 15, seven weeks after it had been mailed!

God’s timing is not always our timing, but His timing is always perfect! This means His delays are not denials. It’s in waiting that His good will is often best carried out. Sometimes we, or someone else, needs to be in a different place for God’s actions to be most effective. Perhaps we have lessons to learn in the waiting. God uses time as a tool, and it seems to be one of His favorite tools!

Many times God’s timing is a mystery. You could say that He waits until His divine ducks are all lined up in a row, and the problem is that the divine ducks are invisible to us! Thankfully, once in a while, we see how God’s timing works things out for the best, as with the seven week delay on Julie receiving her card. Such instances can bolster our faith for all the times when God’s timing remains a mystery, that He is at work in His own mysterious ways! Part of a strong faith in God is accepting His timing, His perfect timing.

“But I trust in you, Lord; I say, ‘You are my God.’ My times are in your hands.”  Psalm 31:14-15a


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