Second Sunday in Advent

This is the second week in Advent. Most of us are making preparations for Christmas. We wouldn’t expect gifts to appear magically under the tree without shopping for those gifts and having them wrapped, nor would we expect a Christmas party to come together without the significant work of preparation.

Then why would we expect Christmas to impact us in a profoundly spiritual way without preparation? Let’s be thinking about the Christmas story as we drive here, there, and back again. Let’s reflect on the miracle of it all when we hear the traditional Christmas carols. When we wrap gifts for others or anticipate opening our gifts may it prompt us to think of God’s great gift He unwrapped for us in Jesus’ birth from the womb into the world.

Over the remaining weeks leading up to Christmas may we be led into a deeper appreciation of what’s behind all of the hoopla. May we see the holy hoopla of it all!


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