Food Train

Tray of food brought to us by a Food Train participant

During my wife Diann’s recent post-surgery recovery people from our church brought us food on a regular basis for about two weeks. They call it a food train at our church. When someone in the church is going through a difficult time others in the church sign up for the food train on line to provide a meal. When I was told the food train was planning on stopping at our home I explained that I was fully capable of cooking our meals, but they insisted on helping us out in this way.

I argued against the food train coming to our house, but I didn’t argue very hard or very long. I sort of liked the idea of answering the doorbell and having someone standing there with a hot meal ready for us to enjoy! As it turned out the food was far better than any pizza delivery, it came with genuine smiles and a few minutes of warm conversation, and I didn’t have to pay, not even a tip!

Since then we’ve had the opportunity of being part of the food train to take sustenance to someone else in post-surgery recovery. It’s a good system; you help me when I’m down and I help you when you’re down. It takes humility to receive graciously, and it takes love to give graciously. Both can be a challenge.

Accepting help requires that we overcome an over inflated self-esteem that says we don’t need anyone’s help or that we overcome an under inflated self-esteem that says we aren’t worthy of anyone’s help.

A healthy balance on the self-esteem issue is found when we recognize our value comes from being valued by God. Because He also values everyone else, as He does us, and given the fact that we are all but frail people of dust, we’re called by Him to help others and to be helped by others. It’s the divinely established economic system of give and take and take and give!

We’re blessed when we let others help us, and they enjoy being a blessing. We’re a blessing when we help others, and they reap the benefits of being blessed. It’s blessings all around!

“At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need.” 2 Corinthians 8:14


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