Fourth Week in Advent

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…” Not me! We’re spending this Christmas in Florida.

A snowy scene is so much a part of the ambiance of Christmas that there are even lighted snowmen ornaments for sale here in Florida.  Some Christmases we spend in Mexico where they also display lighted snowmen ornaments, and I dare say nine out of ten Mexicans have never seen a real snowman, let alone made one! Think about it; how much of the world never celebrates a white Christmas? Certainly the first Christmas, the Christmas that started all Christmases, the one in Bethlehem, likely didn’t have snow.

I know, if you live in a colder climate it’s nice to have a blanket of snow for Christmas, best yet is a light snowfall on Christmas Eve. I agree, I grew up in Iowa and lived most of my adult life in Michigan. So, for you northerners, I hope your dream comes true.

But let’s all take stock for a moment. There are a lot of trappings of Christmas that we count on for it to be a good Christmas in addition to a Christmas snowfall – Christmas presents, Christmas parties, Christmas trees and decorations, Christmas carols, Christmas ties, sweaters, vests, and socks.

Is this what makes Christmas really Christmas? You know the answer as well as I do. So, as we enjoy many of these “Christmasy” elements let’s not be so distracted by it all that we fail to take the holiday back to its source. I try to be a creative writer so I steer clear of cliches which means I WILL NOT use the cliché, as true as it is, that we should “Keep Christ in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.” You go ahead and fill in the blanks yourself!


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