The Pandemic’s “Pause” Button

Remember when we used to go to sports events, movies, restaurants, church activities, social events, school, and work? And how many hours didn’t we spend in going here, there, and back again!

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the “pause” button on much that made up our busy lives. Most of it was good, and we hope we can get back to it sometime soon. But are there opportunities as we live with the pause button pushed?

Being a person of faith in God, I’ve come to the conclusion, along with multitudes of others, that if God allows something to exist or happen, such as this pandemic, then He has a plan and purpose for it. So, how does He want us to use this pause in our lives?

God’s into pauses. In the seven day week He’s designated we set aside one day a week for rest, the Sabbath it’s called, a day to pause. We’ve not always been very good at following His command on this, one of His Ten Commandments.

With much of life on pause how about asking ourselves, “What’s God trying to tell me through this?” “What lesson or lessons am I to learn?” Our busy lives have kept us from really thinking, we’ve been so caught up in doing. The tyranny of the urgent has often kept us from addressing what’s important. Now that our lives have been put on pause, in one way or another it’s a good opportunity to reflect on what’s really important in life.

We’ll need to resist the temptation to spend time grumbling, we don’t hear much from God when grumbling. Binge watching old TV shows or movies probably isn’t at the top of God’s list of ways to make the most of this time on pause either. Familiar addictions and sins over which we’ve gained ground can slip back when we have additional time on our hands, reinforcing Ben Franklin’s warning that “idle hands are the devil’s playthings.”

This is not a time to find ways to kill time but to find ways to redeem the time! The pause button can prompt us to think, read, act, and pray our way to being a better person, more the person God wants us to be.

In spite of the need for social distancing we can find creative ways to nurture closer and deeper relationships with each other. We can rediscover that being is more important than doing, resting is better than rushing, and affirming others better than self-achievement! We can move God from the periphery of our busy life to the center of our quieted soul.

Ironically, even though life is currently on pause for many of us, it’s possible we can later arrive at a place where we discover we’ve fast forwarded in important areas of our life! How about we pause and think about that?

“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.” Isaiah 30:15

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