Party Guests of All Kinds — A Faith Fable

Harrison Banister threw a birthday party for himself. He was a businessman of some renown, influence, and wealth, though unconventional and peculiar in many ways. Each invited guest was not surprised, therefore, that the requested unconventional wardrobe for the party was a gold graduation robe that each received several days before the party from Mr. Banister. The printed invitations included the peculiar instructions that conversation at the party was to be limited to asking and answering each other the three printed questions that came with the invitation.

“What was a happy time for you growing up?” “What was a difficult part of growing up for you? “What is most important in life to you now?”

As the guests arrived they were greeted by Harrison Banister who encouraged them to mingle. So they mingled, flowing about in their gold robes, asking and answering each other the three questions. The guests continued the exchange of questions and answers as they ate dinner and birthday cake.

After a few party games Harrison Banister said, “As you quickly discovered, you didn’t know anyone else at the party other than me. Each of you has a unique connection to me and each of you is important to me in a special way. One of you is my banker, another of you is my barber. A cashier from the grocery store is here, so is a barista from the coffee shop I frequent. One of my golfing buddies from the club is present. The guy who shines my shoes every Monday down the street from my company headquarters is here as well. The gentleman who picks up my garbage with his automated garbage truck is here, too. One of my vice-presidents of the company is in attendance.

“I hope you all feel that you’ve enjoyed each other’s company this evening. Unfortunately, you’ve been separated from each other by where you live, your educational level, the kind of work you do – professional, tradesman, minimum salary worker or whatever, and your economic level. I’m your common denominator! Each of you is golden to me in your own unique way, hence the gold robes.

“On this my birthday, I wanted to give each of you a birthday gift instead of you gifting me. My gift to you, I hope, has been a deeper awareness that we are all equal as human beings, beloved of God. May you always see the people who happen to be around you, no matter who they are, as golden!”

Everyone applauded Harrison Bannister. All agreed it was the best birthday party they’d ever attended.

“For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile – the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him.” Romans 10:12

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