The Keys of Life

The keys referenced in this blog post

We have a container full of useless keys. Usually you lose a key that you need to unlock something; the contents of this container represent the opposite of that. These keys go with lost objects, sold objects, worn out objects, all of which we no longer possess. There are car keys, house keys, padlock keys, and many keys I have no idea what kind of possession we had that they unlocked. I’m not sure why we’ve kept them and keep adding to them, other than the fact that it goes against one’s nature to throw a key in the trash.

It got me to thinking about the current keys on my key ring. Because I’m retired it consists only of a key to our Jeep, a house key, and keys to our camper trailer, not like my days as a pastor when my pocket jingled with the responsibility of a number of church facility keys and keys to a second vehicle we had back then. It’s a sobering thought to realize that in the not too distant future the Jeep will be in the auto graveyard, its key useless. The camper keys will be in the pocket of a younger generation of campers seated around a campfire. The house key will belong to someone else, because Diann and I will have taken up residence in heaven.

I realize that all these keys I’ve described, both those in the container and the ones in my pocket, are the keys of life, letting me, but no one else, gain access to the things I temporarily own. I may not have lost the keys, but I’ve lost most of what they unlock. Though they may be the keys of my life, I’ve determined that they are not to be the key to my life!

The key to my life is not something of material value: all of that stuff wears out, rusts through, breaks down or breaks up, gets lost, is stolen, or I simply lose interest in it. The key to my life is not a concept or a principle, though there are many good concepts and principles by which to live; they unlock a part of life, sort of, but not all of life.

The key to unlocking everything is God, God come to us, God with us, God for us, God our hope, God getting very personal in Jesus. He’s my key to life.

God is the key to unlocking a purpose for living, because He made me for His purposes. God is the key to the doorway to peace, because there is nothing better than being on good terms with Him. God is the key to finding joy, because He is the Ultimate Being and delights in me. God is the key to holding on to hope, because He ultimately has only good in store for me. In summary, God is the key to everything, because He rules over everything! My container of keys and the keys in my pocket remind me that there are many keys in life, but I’m convinced there’s only one key to life and God is it!

“He [the Lord] will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure.”  Isaiah 33:6

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