Ask for Help and Give Away Banana Bread

Photo by Anfal Shamsudeen on Unsplash

Rudy Holloman was a senior member of the church I served in Toledo, Ohio. He was a widower, lived alone, and was legally blind. His family was supportive and helpful, but there were times when they weren’t available to take Rudy to church or a doctor’s appointment. This is where his church family came in.

To Rudy’s credit he wasn’t afraid to ask for a ride from those in his church. As far as I know, Rudy remained quite mobile, because people rarely turned down his request for a ride; he got to where he had to go, and even where he wanted to go. They loved taking Rudy places, because Rudy was a fun person to be around! He was joyful, humorous, and he always gave a freshly baked loaf of banana bread as a thank you gift to those who took him places.

So often we’re frustrated when we need to ask for help and hesitant to do so. It’s usually easier for us to give help than to receive help!

We don’t want to ask for help, because we don’t want to be a burden. But, ironically, we actually add to the burden on the person helping us by being so apologetic or depressed about needing help that we’re no fun at all to be around. We can even go so far as being short tempered around our helper. That’s when we become a real burden, the very thing we don’t want to be!

We need to straighten out our thinking on this. If it’s more blessed to give than to receive, as Jesus said, then we sometimes need to let others give to us and help us so they can be blessed!

Sure, it’s humbling to ask for help and to be helped. Bingo! Guess what attribute God wants us to develop? Humility! It’s part of God’s divine plan that we let ourselves be helped as well as being a helper.

Yes, it’s important to serve and help others joyfully. However, equally important is to joyfully let others help and serve us! That’s the lesson I learned from Rudy Holloman, who asked for help and gave away banana bread!

The apostle Paul, grateful for the financial help of the Christians at Philippi, wrote, “Yet it was kind of you to share my trouble.” Philippians 4:14

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