Resting Rock, Sitting Stone

One of the rocks upon which I sit and rest

We live part of the year in Mexico, at Refuge Ranch, our home being next to our daughter and her family’s home. Every morning I take about an hour’s walk on a combination of horse paths and rustic rural lanes used primarily by local farmers.

All in all it’s a fairly strenuous walk, so I sometimes stop and rest, sitting on a rock that has, over eons of time, been fashioned into a reasonably comfortable seat by wind and rain. I call it my resting rock or sitting stone. Actually, I have about three or four strewn along the path that I’ve identified as a resting rock, a sitting stone.

Pausing to sit and rest restores me physically. It’s amazing how much the leg muscles can replenish themselves if you give them just three or four minutes to do so. It’s also a time for me to sit and think, though sometimes I just sit. One of the times when I was thinking as well as sitting I thought of how the Lord is my ultimate rock. I wasn’t just making this up; there are many verses in the Bible that refer to God as our rock. In His teachings Jesus also indicated that He wants to be our rock upon which we build the house of our life.

What is it about rocks that God chose them as an analogy for who He is to be to us? Well, for one thing, rocks are really old. It’s hard to find a new rock! God is more than old, He’s eternal!

Rocks are really solid, you can stand on them, you can build on them. You can depend on them. We can’t always depend on others. People forget, misunderstand, don’t want to understand, get distracted, reject, or die on us. You can’t always count on them. God is different, we can always count on God.

We also can’t count on material things meeting our needs, because they can wear out, rust out, be lost, stolen, go out of style, etc. God’s different; He’s not material but He’s solid through and through! Nothing material lasts forever, but God does! We can count on Him always being there for us.

Just as there are many different kinds of rocks there are different applications of how God is our Rock. That’s what I sometimes think about when I pause on my morning hike and sit upon a rock to rest, the different ways God is my Rock!

“Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.” Isaiah 26:4

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