The Gift from the Grandparents — A Faith Fable

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Grandpa and Grandma pulled up to Billy’s house; he saw them arrive through the window for he had been watching for their arrival. Billy was excited because it was his birthday, and he knew Grandpa and Grandma would come with a gift. They did not disappoint.

Billy greeted Grandpa and Grandma, giving each a quick hug, his eyes showing excitement as he kept glancing at the gift they brought. He couldn’t wait to open the gift. Within seconds he had decimated the pretty wrapping and saw what they had given him, something he had requested. He immediately set about playing with his new toy..

Billy had to be coaxed from playing with his gift when it was time for dinner. The birthday cake and ice cream held his attention better than the dinner, but after gulping down the dessert he asked to be excused to play some more with his new toy.

Time passed and Grandpa and Grandma left. As they drove off Billy’s mother asked him, “Did you enjoy your time with Grandpa and Grandma?”

Billy replied, “Well, I didn’t really talk to them much. Mostly I just played with the present they brought me.”

His father sighed and said, “I know they gave you a wonderful birthday present, just what you wanted. But I think you missed enjoying the best present of all that they brought.”

“What’s that?” Billy asked.

“The gift of themselves, of their love for you,” his father answered. Billy stared at his father for a moment, failing to comprehend, then went back to playing with the gift.

We’re all receivers of gifts from the best gift-giver ever. Everything we have is from Him, even that which we think we’ve worked for ourselves, for the Gift Giver has given us the ability to work for it. It’s good to use and even appreciate the gifts of the Gift Giver. What’s far better, however, is to appreciate the Gift Giver Himself!

We relate to His gifts when we eat them (food), when we wear them (clothes), when we ride in them (cars), when we play with them (electronics, hobby equipment, etc.), when we live in them (our homes), and on and on runs the list of His gifts that we enjoy. What’s far better, however, is to relate to the Gift Giver Himself!

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.” Psalm 100:4

(Photo by Photo by Ben White on Unsplash)

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