The Sands of Change

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sandmovingfixed-1.jpgthoughts collected along a beach

Walking the beach on the Pacific Coast of Mexico while on vacation got me to thinking about sand. What I noticed was how the sandscape had changed since my walk the previous morning. Both waves and wind had moved the billions of tiny stones we call sand; both were strong yesterday, gusty winds and pounding waves. I looked at the wet sand at the edge of the waves, and it was being pushed back and forth and sideways, carving an uneven bottom in which to wade and creating and removing sand drifts along where I walked. I glanced at the dry sand higher on the beach, and it was blowing from east to west, creating little waves of mini dunes no higher than a half inch. Beach sand does not stay still!

Heraclitus (6th century BC) said, “You cannot step into the same river twice, for other waters are continually flowing on.” The same holds true for stepping into the ocean waves and on the sandy shore upon which they beach themselves. Walking the beach, I was an observer of constant change. “Time and tide wait for no man,” Geoffrey Chaucer said.

I find it appropriate that the hour glass tells time by the passing of grains of sand from the top half to the bottom half, these sands of time a reminder that the only thing that never changes is that things are always changing. Now in my 7th decade of living I need to reaffirm a commitment to managing change well. Each stage of life brings with it changes, some welcome and some unwelcome.

The psalmist reminds us of “God, who is enthroned of old, who does not change…” (Psalm 55:19a) This is the one constant in our ever changing world. We have a God who never changes! He can and should be our one constant in a constantly changing world. He has been, is, and always will be, loving, strong, wise, just, and every other attribute of His that we can discover and grow to appreciate. He possesses these attributes to perfection eternally without wavering.

This means that whatever changes we face we can do so mindful that God can be our one stabilizing influence. Every new situation we face is one in which we can count on His very same amazing attributes to impact us in a positive way as they have countless of His followers through the centuries. We can rejoice in the One who’s created the shifting sands but who Himself never changes!

“Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.” Psalm 90:2

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