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Make a Difference


Those of us who are followers of Jesus find that our purpose for living is described by Him for us in the terms salt and light.  We’re to make a difference in this world of ours.  I’m talking about this subject in this Sunday’s message, and created the accompanying image to be shown on our screen up front.

Thought you’d like to see what I created from two of my images.  You can down-load a PDF 8X10 version by clicking here.

Tuesday Is My Monday

It’s Tuesday morning.  After a busy Sunday preaching and relating to people I can’t really function very well in a pastoral role on Monday, so Monday is to me what Saturday is to most people – my day off.  That makes my Tuesday like most people’s Monday, the first day back to work.

My work day begins with some early morning writing.  It was especially tough this morning to sit down at the computer and hammer out words, because in yesterday’s e-mail I received a rejection note from a publisher concerning a book idea I had proposed to him.

It’s tough to keep at something when you don’t get the positive reinforcement you feel you really need.  I find at such times (like this morning) that I simply need to do what I need to do because I feel I’m called to do it.  The sense of call is not from within myself in the strict sense of what “within myself” usually means.  I can’t count on just my own determination and stubbornness.  I need to believe that it is God who’s put this agenda to write before me.  I need a sense of His call.  That’s what made me climb out of bed to get back at it this morning.