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Make Up YOUR Own Spiritual Application to This!

Something strange happened in my chicken coop last evening.  There’s got to be a spiritual application in it somewhere.  What comes to your mind?

I have ten bantam chickens and ten white pigeons who live together in my backyard coop.  The bantam chickens lay eggs just slightly larger than the pigeon eggs.  Last evening I went into the coop to check for any eggs from my chickens.  Only a pigeon was on one of the nests.  When I walked near she flew away.  She had been sitting on two of the small chicken eggs!

I suspect, if left alone, she and her mate would have hatched them.  That would have been interesting, for baby pigeons are naked and helpless and don’t leave the nest for about 24 days.  Baby chicks, on the other hand, are covered with their fuzz right from the get go and are out of the nest within 24 hours!

Imagine the psychological trauma to the parent pigeons if I had allowed them to hatch the chicken eggs!  OK, what application can you find in THAT?  I’m curious.