Pouring Concrete, Dancing Clouds

Here at Refuge Ranch in Mexico we were pouring concrete by hand as the construction continues on building a larger house for our daughter and her family. It was very hard work for the family, and we all wanted it to be done. Then I happened to look up. Clouds were overhead, and they were blowing in different directions! Over the noise of the gasoline-powered concrete mixer I shouted to the family, pointing my finger toward the sky.

For a few moments we all gazed upward, watching in wonder as the wind pushed clouds different directions at the same time. Even after turning our attention back to the work at hand we would all pause every once in a while to glance upward. The experience of seeing the dancing clouds choreograph such a show refreshed us, a feeling of exuberance relieving some of our exhaustion.

Pouring concrete with dancing clouds overhead was a reminder that whatever challenge, problem, disaster, or difficult task we’re facing, we can break the fixation with it by taking a moment to look “up” and by that I mean look up to the Lord. There are a number of reasons why this is important, and why it works even better than looking up at clouds. First, it’s from Him we need strength, and He’s certainly capable of providing it. Second, we often need fresh insight and perspective, and there’s no one better than God to give that as well. But what we need most is the reminder that God really does care about us and that we’re important to Him. Those reasons, and more, are why, when life’s looking down, we need to look up – at Him. While pouring concrete the dancing clouds reminded me of this!

“Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.” (Psalm 105:4)

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