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Second Week in Advent

This is the second week in Advent, a time of preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Last weekend in my sermon at Mayfair-Plymouth Church I talked about The Annunciation (the  announcement of the angel Gabriel to Mary that she would, though a virgin, conceive and have a baby).  Mary said to Gabriel, “How will this be, since I am a virgin?”  I explained to the congregation that “Mary couldn’t conceive that she would conceive.”  Yes, it was a mystery to Mary, but she trusted God.  That’s what faith in God involves, trusting in God even when we don’t know what in the world (including our little world) He’s up to.

1st Week in Advent

This is the first week in Advent, the period of four weeks leading up to the celebration of Christ’s birth on Christmas Day. Today I bumped into one of our high school youth, John, who works as a stock boy at the local grocery store where we shop. He had attended our Hanging of the Greens service last night. That’s the service where we sing Christmas carols, have scripture readings, and place crismons (Christian Christmas tree ornaments) on the two trees at the front of our sanctuary.

John told me, “I liked the service. It helped me have a better attitude at the beginning of this Christmas season.” With all the busyness of the pre-Christmas season we certainly need to enter it with a good attitude.

As we begin this Christmas season how about committing ourselves to being sensitive to the Lord coming to each of us through the sights and sounds and the activities and events we’ll experience over the next four weeks? Let’s not let the Christmas activities distract us from Christ but attract us to Him!